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Future Local Club Events and Locations

Texas Twisters Lessons

Saturday September 24th and October 1st will be an introduction to Square Dance and Line Dance. Starts at 7:00 PM and ends 8:30 PM with refreshments. No costs for these 2 nights. Bring friends, relatives or co-workers or anyone who might want to learn a fun way to excercise. The Texas Twisters are an open club. We accept singles, couples and families. For the teens there is a Teen Scholarship Fund from our State Organization. COME ON OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!!!


Perryton Promenaders-2011



January 1-Rod & Lois Ford

February 5-Cecil Burton

March 5-Jimmy Gouge

April 2-Don Main

May 7-Jerry Lynn

June 4-Sonya Jones

July 2-Henry Israel

August 6-Steve Bailey

September 3-Rod & Lois Ford

October 1-Freddie McKee

November 5-No Dance-Oklahoma State Festival

December 3-Jimmy Gouge



January 20-Freddie McKee

February 17-Don Main

March 17-Lanny Weakland

April 21-Jim Woolsey

May 19-Cecil Burton

June 16-Rod & Lois Ford

July 21-Bobby Willis

August 18-Freddie McKee

September 15-Don Main

October 20-Bobby Willis

November 17-Rod & Lois Ford

December 15-Lanny Weakland

Special Dances

April 7-Jerry Junck

April 30-District/Keyes OK-Freddie McKee

May 14-25th Club Anniversary-Ernie Haynes

July 13-Jerry Junck

September 8-Gary Shoemake

September 21-Tom Roper

October 29 District/Perryton Jim Hayes

November 20-Dean Dederman

December 31-New Year's Eve -Don Main


Future Toptex Meetings

  • TopTex Business Meeting - November 19, 2011 - 3:00 PM - Cornerstone Baptist Church


Future State meetings

  • Conclave Meeting - Mineola - March 4 & 5, 2011

Future State Festivals and Locations