TOPTEX Square and Round Dance Assocaition History

The Panhandle area had two square dance associations before 1980. Formed in 1948, the two areas were the Panhandle Square Dance Association (PSDA) and the Amarillo Square and Rouind Dance Council (ASRDC).

The PSDA was associated with the Texas State Federation of Square and Round Danceers (TSFSRD). They had four jamborees a year in different locations. The area was divided into five districts, each having a Vice-President. The area was later divided into North and South districts and a Vice-President in each.

The other association in Amarillo was the ASRDC. This group held nine dances a year in different locations, and used traveling callers.

In 1985 the Board of Directors decided it was time to consider forming a new association to consolidate the two existing associations into one. A three couple committee, from each association was appointed by each association president. After meeting several times a constitution and by-laws were written and approved by the committee. The by-laws were then presented to the Board of Directors of the two associations. They were approved, and the Top Tex Square and Round Dance Association was founded in September, 1985 (TTSRDA). The first presidents were Dean and Dee Carpenter, and Presidents-Elect were Bob and Anita O'Donnell.

As the years have passed the panhandle area of Texas has hosted state conventions in 1969, 1975, 1980, 1988, 1992, 1997, and 2005.

H. G. (Red) and Wanda Nobles served as TSFSRD President in 1972-73, and Ed and Angie McCreary in 1984-84.

TTSRDA Past Presidents are:                                                                                                                  

Dean & Dee Carpenter

Bob & Anita O'Donald

Noel & Billye Long

H. G. (Red) & Wanda Nobles                                               

Ron & Ruth Hillier

Ed & Coneth Thames

Bill & Sandra Penn

Larry & Karen Stowers

Gerald & Mary Stockstill

Ken & Judy Grant

Jeff & Denise Gulde

Ted Ray & Janet Coleman                                             


Jerry & Pat Ingram                                            


Sonny & Carolyn Evers

Steve & Nance Turner


Ken & Susan Irlbeck

Jimmy & Jo Gouge

Bobby Patrick


Don & Jean Parker


Ross & Dena Hayward

Robert & Marilyn Mitchell

Curtis & Ruth Rutledge

Karla Carrell